Photos above are of long time Clean Sheets® Customers: Chip Foose, Richard Rawlings and Slick’s Garage.

History of the clean sheets® mixing board

Clean Sheets® manufacturing started in 1988 by Gary Holt in Morristown, Tn. While Gary worked for his father at Holt’s auto sales and body shop, Gary wanted to find a faster and cleaner way to replace cut-out squares of cardboard being used from semi-clean parts boxes. They used these to mix body filler, and hardener and other epoxy chemicals. After many months of research he found a special non-porous paper which would be made into a disposable,tear-away, 100-sheet pad. It would be bound on three sides and a hard-back board with a clip that holds a four inch spreader. Each board is individually wrapped for longer shelf life. Clean Sheets® solved two problems for all body shops. The first was to stop wasting valuable time hunting and cutting semi clean cardboard. The second was getting rid of the contamination factor causing pin-head air bubbles under the new paint where the filler was applied. All you do with Clean Sheets® is mix on the top sheets and when finished tear off the sheet and throw away and you are ready to start again. One man with a vision and $1000.00 started a 28 year old company thanks to all Clean Sheets® loyal longtime customers. The name Clean Sheets® is a registered trademark and was patented in 1988. Quality you know you can count on. Proudly still made in the USA.